Monday, May 27, 2019

Glitches from The Rescuers Down Under

Here are some mistakes from The Rescuers Down Under:

Several of the Australian mice are utterly naked; is that how it's done down under?

It seems like Francois the cockroach not only delivers the telegram to Miss Bianca, but reads it first.

McLeach drives along following tire tracks through the desert to his lair, but the Bushwhacker's wheel base is narrower than these ruts. Whose tracks are they?

Jake knows about McLeach and his hideout, but he never does anything to rescue all those animals.

If Cody can stick his arms through the cage mesh almost to the shoulder, then Frank can surely fit through. In fact, Frank puts his body out to the hips. More...

Monday, May 13, 2019

The Fence of Doors

A homeowner in Vashon, Washington created a unique fence comprised of replicas of famous doors from stage, screen, and literature. You can see a Hobbit door, the entrance to the Twilight Zone, and the dear remembered door at 221 B Baker Street, to name a few. More...